Why Convert your Vehicle to Electric

Why convert your Vehicle to Electric

Whether you are an “Eco Green Leader”, a car enthusiast that wants to embrace new technology or an accountant looking at ways to cut your operating cost by going electric, talk to us! We Convert conventional cars to fully electric.

We are busy with an insane, 1000hp, 4×4 plug in Electric Harper Type 6 that will be beyond exciting to drive, almost totally silent and depending on the energy generation method, with potentially zero emissions.  Even if the Electricity is generated by a dirty, coal fuelled Power Station, your neighbours will thank you on those early mornings as you slip out the driveway silently to meet the gang for your weekly breakfast run.

The chief benefits of Electric Vehicles

  1. The electric power train is completely maintenance free. No service intervals, no oil changes, no filters, no fan belts, no expensive engine rebuilds required – for life.
  2. Correctly designed systems with regenerative braking means that your brakes pads and rotors will last 10x longer than before.
  3. Electric vehicles can be ZERO emitters of CO2 and other harmful environmental gases. By this we mean that the power generation needs to come from Solar, wind or some other renewable resource. This is not yet the case everywhere, but this is a trend that will gain momentum as coal and fossil fuelled power stations will be replaced by clean alternatives.
  4. Even if your power is currently generated by Coal, by going fully electric, you are helping to reduce the emission of smog in cities where it is most problematic to health.
  5. Less expensive – with the cost of fuel climbing ever higher, the cost to travel using electricity to power your electric vehicle will drop dramatically.

Electric Vehicle Conversion Services

The future is here and the future is ELECTRIC. We find the internal combustion engine as fascinating as any petrol head, some say we were born with petrol in our veins! However, the future of transport is Electric and we are ideally placed to assist with the transition away from Fossil fuel to electric propulsion. There are many areas where electric propulsion makes ultimate sense, one that excites us the most is converting Safari Vehicles.

Almost completely silent, Zero pollution, Zero maintenance on the Electrical Drivetrain. We offer electric conversion kits to the industry, as well as offering special one off Electric Vehicle Conversion for Classic Vehicles – a huge help to owners wishing to retain the charm and style of their original vehicle, but not willing to put up with unreliable power trains – lack of spares etc. Please talk to us about converting your beloved classic to completely Electric Propulsion.

Our services:

  1. Our team led by Craig Harper, are adept at designing the mechanical packaging solutions, motor adapters, power control hardware and battery storage solutions. We offer these fully developed and tested conversion kits to any end user or electric vehicle conversion shop around the world. In short, we will design and develop a conversion kit from scratch, for anyone.
  2. We produce the conversion kits in house, box them, include installation manuals and documents, for the D.I.Y. electric vehicle converter world wide. Order our kits, a box will arrive with EVERYTHING you need to switch to electric.
  3. We offer on site installation of kits- this is more appropriate for converting a fleet across to fully electric
  4. In collaboration with our partner companies, we offer Solar and wind generation installations to business and private individuals, to assist and enable them to get off the grid, or just become greener


Visit our Electric Vehicle Conversions Page for more information.


  • Dylan Kris Le Roux
    Posted June 28, 2018 8:37 pm 0Likes

    Hello, Im very interested in the electric vehicle conversion, i have a 2005 ford f250 double cab that i cant get to run since i bought it.

    its 4×4 and has about 140kw and 550nm torque , double that would be cool

    pls send me some information on the electric conversion.

  • Aaron Smith
    Posted July 23, 2018 3:47 pm 0Likes

    Much cleaner for the environment. We must think of minimizing pollution.

  • Ashley
    Posted January 15, 2019 11:18 am 1Likes

    Quotation for a conversion on a F650GS BMW motorcycle as well as on a Nissan 1400


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