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    Vehicle Maintenance and Safety Tips for Winter

    Below are the Harper Sports Cars safety suggestions for preparing your vehicle for Winter, and the cold and rainy roads that follow.

    Vehicle maintenance and safety tips for Winter

    1. Battery – In cold weather, your battery is less effective and will struggle to supply your cranking amps. Older batteries will show signs of stress on cold mornings, in some cases cranking the engine too slowly to start.
    2. Wipers – Windscreen wipers become hard and cracked over time, so remember to have your wipers checked and changed if they don’t clear the water from your windscreen effectively. They should be quiet and leave no streaks.
    3. Your tires are your only connection to the road surface, and the tread is designed to clear away standing water effectively. Inspect your tires carefully, if the wear beads are level with the tread surface, it’s wise to have the tires changed. call us if you don’t how to spot the wear beads- we can help you!
    4. Winter in Cape Town is not cold enough to require antifreeze, but antifreeze also provides corrosion resistance, preventing your precious engine from rusting away on the inside. Always use the recommended antifreeze in your car.
    5. Brakes are considered “life and Limb” parts- critical to your safety. If you hear an annoying squeaking sound, or worse, a deep grinding sound when you press the brake pedal, have them seen to immediately by a qualified professional. If the brake pedal changes it’s feel at any time, stop driving if possible. 
    6. Your thermostat is extremely important and if your temperature gauge deviates from where you expect it to be, have your cooling system checked out immediately- it might save your engine from destruction. Thermostats are generally inexpensive so don’t scrimp here! The gauge should sit approximately in the middle of the gauge.
    7. Spark plugs are the way the air/fuel mixture is ignited in your cylinders. Over time they become contaminated with combustion by products and they begin to misfire, leading to a loss of engine power and rough running/heavy fuel consumption. They are generally inexpensive and an easy fix.

    Drive safe this Winter

  • Relocating the Steering Wheel

    Relocating the Steering Wheel

    Relocating the Steering Wheel

    Here’s the scenario: You have found your dream car, but the steering wheel is located on the wrong side, and you aren’t allowed to import/drive it in your country. Can it be swapped over and how difficult is relocating the steering wheel?

    As with most things, the answer depends on the car. The most challenging item is to re-engineer the dashboard. On older cars this can be fairly simple, but on newer cars, less so, but still possible.

    Swapping the steering and pedals over is generally simpler and boils down to an engineering challenge. A different steering rack will be needed and some adjustments to the vehicles internal bulkhead will need to be changed.

    At Harper Sports Cars, we are specialists in this kind of demanding work. Please contact us to discuss your project – we can help you.

    Craig Harper

  • The Harper Sports Cars Service Promise

    The Harper Sports Cars Service Promise

    Motorsport Precision at Street Prices

    We were forged in the furnace we call Motorsport. Here, the consequences of failure are far more serious than simply pulling to the side of the road and calling for assistance. We have developed the Harper Sports Cars Service Promise. This is an approach to every task that strives to reduce the chances of human error causing a failure for our client.

    This approach to our work has become so second nature to us that we can now offer this exacting and precise attention to detail direct to you, giving you the peace of mind that when we carry out any work on your vehicle, you are getting Motorsport Quality, at competitive, street related prices.

    Performance, efficiency and safety are paramount in our ethos.

    Visit our Website to read more about our services.

  • Workshop and Design Studio Highlights of 2017

    Workshop and Design Studio Highlights of 2017

    Our 2017 Season:

    Birkens Project

    2017 was the year of Birkins at Harper Sports Cars. They come to us for all kinds of work, from full restoration to minor tweaks. We are delighted to offer service and repairs on these fantastic little sports cars, possibly one of the most loved sports cars in the world.

    Workshop and Design Studio Highlights of 2017

    Workshop and Design Studio Highlights of 2017

    Whether you need us to build you a car of your own design from scratch, or re-body your donor car, or something in-between, please talk to us! We can definitely change your engine oil and Oil Filter.

    Workshop and Design Studio Highlights of 2017
    The Birkins new exhaust

    Workshop and Design Studio Highlights of 2017
    Birkin rebuild, paint curing

    Workshop and Design Studio Highlights of 2017
    4 into 1 Exhaust system

    Ferrari Project

    This client approached us to build him a Ferrari P4. He would supply us with a body and could we design a chassis under that to accept his Ferrari V12 engine?

    We started design work and it soon became apparent that  there wasn’t enough room for both the V12 and the driver- using a conventionally available transaxle. Therefore we extended the body by 175mm, to take the engine and give the owner sufficient space to be comfortable in the cockpit.

    What a beautiful machine this turned out to be.

    Workshop and Design Studio Highlights of 2017
    Workshop and Design Studio Highlights of 2017

    Other tasty projects include the M1B McLaren we are building from scratch for Jason and our Super Insane Alfa Romeo – V6 Turbo powered 1957 Fiat 500, there is so much to tease you with!

    Visit our Design Studio and Workshop for more information.