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Design Projects & Prototyping


Electric Vehicle Conversions

Vehicle Restorations

Assisting your Dream Project

All restoration work undertaken with the clients full participation and assistance - from sourcing the correct parts to participating in the restoration process if desired.

You are welcome to come in and work with our team on your dream project. Come to us with your ideas and we will create a plan to bring it to life.

Custom Design Projects

Projects & Prototyping

The automobile is a complex blend of shapes, mechanical, electrical and dynamic suspension systems, all integrated into one object. This is our speciality, and we have the ability to take a concept, and build it to reality.

We also offer a consultancy service, as we help you decide if you should splash out on your dream project, or guide you along the best path possible to reality and completion.

Vehicle Fabrications

Concept to Creation

From concept, to creation - The Harper Sports Cars Design team will sit with you, capture your dream on paper, transfer it into the Digital environment and thence into reality.

Steel Fabrication, Composites, Vehicle Systems Integration, Mechanical Upgrades - we cover all the bases.

Electric Vehicle Conversion

Convert to Electric

We are passionate about the environment, and going fully electric is no longer the boring or slow option it once was perceived as.

Our team will help you take your special vehicle, and convert it to fully electric, while offering significantly improved performance and driving experience.

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