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Custom Projects

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Our studio, headed by Antoine, takes your concept and turns it into your reality.

From ground up vehicle design, to reclothing an existing vehicle, we can design the tooling and processes involved.

Come to us with your ideas and we will create a plan to bring it to life.

Our Portfolio

Ferrari P4 replica, Mclaren M1B recreation and a Fiat Hillclimb Special.

We've also done bespoke custom steering wheels, gear levers, pedal boxes, suspension systems, turbo installations, electric vehicle conversions, furniture design, gift design, special bespoke products and various art work.


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Concepts Strategy

Bring us your design concept and allow us to work with you to make it into a reality. Whether it's a aesthetic or mechanic ground up idea, or an improvement of your car, a new set of clothes or a one-off piece of furniture for you garage, we are able to make it happen.

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