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Book any vehicle service or repair with us TODAY. At Harper's Service Centre we pride ourselves on our service excellence and workmanship that is of the highest quality. We are proud members of both the Retail Motor Industry and Motor Industry Workshop Association.

All work completed by us comes with a 6-month guarantee on workmanship, so you can be assured you are receiving the best service to your vehicle possible.

Our Services

General/Major Service

From a routine oil change to a full engine rebuild, we offer a focused, proffessional service. All work is fully guaranteed.

Cooling System Problems

Overheating engine, water leaks and various pungent smells all indicate an engine or cooling system problem. We provide diagnostics and repairs to almost all vehicles.


Noisy when you move, jumping out of gear, not going into gear or leaking oil? Give us a call, we will be able to help.


Poor wheel alignment causes excessive tire wear and poor steering. We will get your car driving straight and true in no time.


Clutch slipping or complete failure, whether the clutch assembly or within the hydraulic system. We will take care of your needs.


Noisy, squealing and grinding brakes. Poor/weak handbrake operation. Spongy brake pedal or brake shaking. This is critical to safety, do not delay in having it attended to.

Suspension and drivetrain

Clunking and clonking noises when turning, shaking on the steering, unsafe bouncing when driving- these all point to a suspension or drivetrain problem. We are your trusted professionals.

4x4 Services

When providing service to offroad and 4×4 vehicles, we are extra focussed on ensuring 100% reliability. The risk of a breakdown when out in the wild far from help should be taken seriously and our typically focussed attention to detail and extra thorough testing regime provides peace of mind for our 4×4 and Adventure oriented clients.

We offer general services, suspension upgrades, camper conversions, long range fuel and water tanks and much more to all 4×4 makes and models.

4x4 services
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