Introducing the Harper Sports cars

The Harper Type 5 and Type 6 Sports Cars are South African-designed and built mid-engine sports cars crafted for both street and track driving. They are offered in fully assembled turnkey form for local purchase or export, with the option of right or left-hand drive. These vehicles are available in a variety of engine and specification configurations, all optimized for regular road use while maintaining competitiveness on the racetrack.

The base model is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbo engine delivering 400 bhp/ton, and upgrades to V6 or V8 turbocharged engines are available for enhanced performance.

Key Specifications:

– Cylinders: 4 / V6 / V8
– Turbo: Yes
– Weight: 685kg (Average)
– Power: Ranging from 200kW to 400kW
– Transmission: 5 or 6-Speed Manual
– Drivetrain: Mid-Engine Rear-Wheel Drive
– Power Steering: Optional
– Digital Dash: Optional
– Tyres: Road or Semi-Slicks
– Brakes: Discs with Brake Bias Control
– Chassis: Computer-Designed Steel Spaceframe
– Body: Carbon/Glass Composite
– Aero Pack (Splitter + Diffuser): Optional
– Racing Cockpit Cover: Optional

These specifications guarantee an exhilarating driving experience, whether cruising on the road or pushing the limits on the track, making the Harper Type 5 and Type 6 Sports Cars exceptional choices for automotive enthusiasts.

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Exploring Rear Engine Configurations in Harper Sports Cars: Transverse Type 5 vs. Inline Transaxle Type 6

In the realm of Harper Sports Cars, the placement of the engine can significantly impact performance and driving dynamics. Two common rear engine configurations are the rear-mounted transverse engine, as seen in the Harper Type 5, and the inline transaxle setup, as found in the Harper Type 6. Let’s delve into the differences between these configurations and how they affect the driving experience.

Unleashing the Beast: The Harper Series by Craig Harper

Craig Harper’s passion is not just about building cars; it’s about creating a driving experience unlike any other. His goal? To offer a race car for the street, or a street-going sports car for the track—a vehicle that seamlessly integrates the pilot with the machine, creating a superhuman feeling of connection and control.