The History of Harper Sports Cars

In 2004, in Francistown, Botswana, the Harper Type 5 was born.

Craig Harper simply had a burning desire to create a practical road going race car – one that was equally comfortable on the street at legal speeds as it was absolutely on the limit on a race track.

Craig has worked hard to instill this passion for the automobile in to his team at Harper Sports Cars. As a team we now offer this passionate, but highly disciplined approach to the general public – for all general vehicle service and care.

Harper Sports Cars are now based in the Noordhoek Valley, 35km from the worlds most beautiful city – Cape Town. We are active in several social upliftment programs and learner-ships, offering specialised training in all areas of vehicle design and manufacture.

Harper Sports Cars are R.M.I. and M.I.B. approved.

Setting and maintaining the highest world class professional standards possible.

We would love to hear from you about your passion project and where we can help you advance or complete your special project, as well as assist you with the matter of bringing your creation to the street for your daily pleasure.

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