Unleashing the Beast: The Harper Series by Craig Harper

Craig Harper’s passion is not just about building cars; it’s about creating a driving experience unlike any other. His goal? To offer a race car for the street, or a street-going sports car for the track—a vehicle that seamlessly integrates the pilot with the machine, creating a superhuman feeling of connection and control.Bodywork: The Harper series offers three distinct models: A, B, and C.

  • A Type: Inspired by Le Mans prototypes, the A Type features a front bonnet and a pointed nose, reminiscent of classic race cars.
  • B Type: The B Type introduces subtle yet significant changes, such as a redesigned nose section for improved aerodynamics and easier assembly onto the chassis.
  • C Type: The C Type is a refined version of the B Type, with more aggressive wheel flares and a sleek one-piece front section.

Chassis and Suspension: Every Harper car boasts a bespoke suspension system designed by Craig Harper himself. The front suspension features a double wishbone design with inboard-mounted dampers and springs, offering brilliant handling and exceptional tire life. The rear suspension has evolved from a McPherson strut to a Harper-designed upright with upper and lower control arms, providing adjustable coil-over dampers for optimal performance.

Cooling: Depending on the model, Harper cars come equipped with either a centrally mounted radiator or a more conventional front-mounted radiator to accommodate different interior configurations.

Gearboxes: All Harper models utilize a combined transaxle design with the differential included in the housing. Options range from a normal front-wheel-drive gearbox to an inline transaxle, with popular choices including the Audi 6-speed manual gearbox and automatic/semi-automatic options for different driving preferences.

Brakes: Due to their lightweight nature, these vehicles come equipped with standard production brakes for street use, ensuring sufficient stopping power. Additionally, a range of big brake upgrades are offered for track and racing applications.

Power: The power output of Harper cars is customizable, with the chassis capable of handling high power outputs. Power-to-weight ratios of up to 600bhp/ton are achievable, offering exhilarating performance.

Interior and Dashboard: While Harper cars were initially offered without a traditional interior to prioritize lightness, modern models now offer fully customizable interiors. Dashboards range from conventional to fully digital smart instrument clusters, with optional data logging capabilities.

Wheels: The recommended wheel size for Harper cars is 17 inches, with a 255 rear and a 225 front, ensuring optimal performance and handling. In essence, Harper cars are not just machines; they are extensions of the driver, offering a driving experience that transcends the ordinary and embodies the thrill of the track on the streets.

For more info on the Harper Sports cars please contact us at info@harpersportscars.com