2017 Driving Tour in South Africa

2017 Driving Tour in South Africa

We hosted an exclusive 2017 Driving Tour in South Africa – namely,

The 2017 Passes Project

Picture the scene:
15 high performance Sports Cars,
25 passionate motoring enthusiasts,
3000kms of fantastic driving roads, and
15 of the worlds best driving passes.
All over 3 Days and 2 nights under the crisp stars of the open Karoo in South Africa.

Captured moment from the tour


This was the Inaugural Passes Project of 2017. We intend making this kind of experience a regular feature. So please contact us so we can book you onto our next slot. Bring your own cars or drive ours. We have a varied and eclectic range of mainly sports cars, but also some older sporting classics. You can expect to swop cars and share your impressions each evening around the African Fire with fellow enthusiasts.

We promise there will be plenty to talk about. We can even arrange special guest speakers, in fact, we can arrange just about anything. We will eventually have our own Race Track in the desert, for you to absolutely gas it in complete safety.

Watch the Tour Movie here:



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