Advanced Driver Training with Harper Sports Cars

Advanced Driver Training with Harper Sports Cars

Advanced Driver Training with Harper Sports Cars


When we first are taught to drive, the emphasis is on obeying the rules of the road, parking, hill starts and other fairly mundane driving duties. But what happens if the car you are driving suffers an unexpected tire failure at highway speeds, an animal runs out in front of your over confident child when they have had their license for just 3 weeks, or you hit a patch of spilled diesel, mud or ice on the road?

The advanced driver training with Harper Sports Cars offers real value by teaching you how to drive your car on the limit, when it’s sliding around and barely in control. Very few people ever are able to experience their vehicles in this situation, so when they encounter an emergency situation, they are not ready for what happens next and often freeze up or use exaggerated inputs to deal with the situation. ABS is great, but it can’t save you in every situation.

We start all our courses on gravel roads, in cars we provide and on routes that test your ability to remain in control of the vehicle while trying to cover the route as quickly as possible. It’s educational and great fun. It’s essential for newly licensed drivers, great as team building or as a fabulous gift. Should you wish to go big, we will set you up with a qualified instructor at a local race Track, taking you to the next level- flat out on dry tarmac.

Please book your driver training experience with us now! Singles and groups welcome. Pure education blended with a fun competitive approach guaranteed.


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